”The Rooney Rules”

The N.F.L Policy that requires league team’s to interview minority candidates for Head Coaching and Senior Football Operation Jobs. It is sometimes cited as ab example of an affirmative action, though there is no quota or preference given to minorities in the hiring of candidates. This legend is turning over in his grave because this rule is a joke and a slap in the minority face because it’s just a process that’s truly not followed in the case of the San Francisco 49’ers General Manger Trent Baalke a best friend of current coach  Chip Kelly whom he hired right after Kelly had just had gotten fired from the Eagles which he deserved i guess you would call that the Buddy System didn’t even interview any minority qualified coaches with a better coaching resume but Chip Kelly was hired 2 weeks after getting let go. So much for this Rule its and indictment on people of color you ask me so why is this even this a rule when it’s not used, 7 NFL jobs came open after 2015-2016 season and only 1 African-American got a job and that was Hugh Jackson he got the Browns position  and the only other one with some head coaching experience was Mike Mularky of the Titans. The 49’ers Organization ought to be ashamed of themselves and if they only win a hand full of games so be it and to Chip Kelly that Collage mess you got going doesn’t work in the N.F.L partner you are dealing with grown man some of the times might be older than you this is next level if you don’t you better ask somebody,,,

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