”Protect & Serve”

We are here to preserve Life, Liberty, Justice, and Order. To Save, Serve and Protect the People. And we will continue to do so selflessly, even if it means laying down our own lives so another may live. We fight for those who can not…or will not…fight themselves. We stand each watch humbly in Honor of those who gave their all before us. We must unite beside one another fearlessly and with no hesitation nor reservation, with Integrity, Courage, and Valor… for it is our actions that the People will remember… and call us Brave.

Mine you these guy’s have tough job and we as people can help make it better if we just comply because not all of them have bad intention they really want to help, For the money they make just doesn’t coexist with some of the situations they are confronted with and what might behind door #1 per say but you have to obey their order whether you want to are not they took an oath to ”Protect & Serve” its not about if you are right are wrong just comply and a lot of theses senseless killing might not happen be mindful don’t put the Police in a position to inflict harm upon you.It’s like a Dice game you roll the dice and hope and pray some kind of way the #7 comes up same thing with police because you just never know if that particular might be the one that might have bad intentions stay safe also be mindful they have the upper hand remember ”Protect & Serve”Protectimages.jpeg

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