”Greatest Woman Of All Time”

Greatest Woman Of All Time consist of the following you must put God first, put family, Children, Kid’s, Grandkid’s, in whatever order you see fit. You must have Faith show compassion for other’s be resilant never waver or rest on your laurels never give up because quitting is never a option. Love others be the leader you were bless to be because why you are the chosen one hold others accountable for things they do weather good or bad right are wrong. They consistently visualize success they practice what they preach alone with making being on time a priority, You are always #1 and you should never be second to anything are anybody and never be a last resort or a back up plan, Don’t ever look for a man to save you save yourself it’s always winning time with G.W.O.A.T aka Greatest Woman Of All Time. Heart & Character goes a long way when we are talking greatness because this is not something that just happens its a skill set, I’m sure I left a thing are 2 out but trust me she’s a G.W.O.A.T for a thousand reasons and if you know of a Woman that have these qualities please tell her she’s a ”Queen” not to mention a ”G.W..O.A.T.”


I would have never chosen the life I live if it wasn’t for the God I serve, But God knew what he was doing and I never question anything that has happen are what might happen next in my life I just pray ask for forgiveness for things that I might not have done right in his eyes. And if I hadn’t gone through what I have went through I wouldn’t be here today to talk about how God makes good out of the bad, usually all the time God makes the best out of our bad situations. God works thing out for those who love him and i will be the first to thank him for sparing me when he didn’t have to I consider my self ”Chosen”. When God has selected you, It doesn’t matter who else has rejected or neglected you. God’s favor outweighs all opposition. You are a Winner! Aii of those days that have come and gone little did I know I was being chosen not always for the wrong but also for the right, We all are ”Chosen” why because says so he has the Power. You haven been chosen so continue to use your strengths and to not worry about your failures because God has chosen you.

We All are Chosen


Integrity should always be a priory. No matter what is going on in your life-your integrity should never be compromised. The pressures of life reveal who you really are. You are who you really are when life isn’t happening the way you want it to happen. Problem don’t necessarily change us; problems set the real us free. It’s a pet peeve of mines for someone to use life’s pressures as an excuse to not walk in integrity. .


Having or showing a modest or low estimate of ones’s own importance, Alway’s stay humble and never think you are better than some one else because it’s alway’s easy come easy go the same way you got it the same way you could lose it and loosen it is aways harder than they way you went about getting it. Being Humble means recognizing that we are not in this world to see how important we can become but to see how much difference we make in other peoples lives, I’ll never forget where I come from and the struggles I have been face because the people you see going up if you ever fall you will diffently see coming down so stay humble to who you are alway’s put God first because he has a hand in things that go on in your life. No matter how Big your House is, or how Big your Car is are how Big your Bank Account is. The grave is still going to be the same size, So always treat people like you want to be treated we are all judge the same way in God’s eyes and because you might have all the stuff someone else can only dream of you are no better remember stay humble. We are afforded luxuries & the material things in our possession because God alway’s has his hand’s in on the things we do like shopping, taken vacations, all the nice jewelry, even maybe our own business etc because of his grace. Work hard and alway’s Stay Humble because it doesn’t take but a second and it could be gone, no one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is are how big they are, We all have one common goal after it’s all said and done we want to get to those heavenly gates so stay ”Humble” be true to who you are and not somebody you might be pretending to be.

This Is My Story And I’m Sticking To It

This Is My Story And I’m Sticking To It, On February 12th, 2008 I woke up this particular morning I wasn’t feeling my best I was sweating really bad I had to use the restroom I sit there for about 20 minutes I got up went back and laid down for another 10 minutes I was feeling terrible sweating even worse then So I say to my Wife I think we better call 911 Medic comes they check me out of course all the stuff they might need is not on there truck so they transport me to CMC Pinevile there after a battery of test they originally thought I might be suffering from Vertigo but it was later diagnosed after a MRI & CAT Scan that I had a Stroke of to Cerebellum.( A Cerebellar Infarct or Cerebellar Stroke isa type Cerebrovascular event involving the posterior cranial fossa, specifically the cerebellum. Impaired perfusion reduces oxygen delivery and ccauses deficits in motor and balance control. I told a friend I got luck he told me no you’re ”Blessed”. When something happens like this you needle the help of your Nurses, your Doctors, and of course ”God”.I wouldn’t have made it without this wonderful team because most strokes can be debilitating because most of the time there is now bouncing back and usually a stroke happen in 2’s. I was truly spare life so now I don’t take life for granted I watch everything and I take care of myself where before I didn’t, I monitor my Blood Pressure, I eat well, I exercise, I stick to my diet,I stay fit meaning I keep the pounds off. So in February of 2010 I was diagnosed with TYPE 2 Diabetes so when we talk about February being Black History Month literary is for me”To God Be The Glory” I just wanted to share share some of my testimony I’m trying to be a Dr, just giving a little advice on what I was face with & dealing with, Short story then I’m going to close the night I was feeling ill my Wife noticed I had been laying around all day very hydrated so she called my Daughter to come check on me she get’s there and say’s Daddy what’s up me nothing but you’re not feeling well here’s your 2 choices either I’m going to take you to the emergency room or I’m calling 911 your choice so I wasn’t moving around like she wanted so 15 minutes later I hear sirens. Folks there’s a lot to deal with being Diabetic Dr.Phil been Diabetic 30 year’s not to mention Patti LaBelle around 25 are better they aren’t getting any special drugs than I get it’s all about Moderation and taking your prescribed medication oh yeah and Me & Patti have our own Cheat Day and she has a Sweet Potato Pie and me and her like ourself a piece of fried chicken every once in awhile. Stay Safe Be Bless #WeAllWeGot ”This Is My Story And I’m Sticking To It.

”Being Great”

Sometimes people don’t realize what they are made of until someone shows them how amazing they really are. Strong minds suffer without complaining; weak minds complain without suffering, Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. When you are with your real friends you feel great, rewarded and honored by the relationship that you have with them because they appreciate your greatness your talents and your ability for Being Great. ” Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Being Great…

”Love Yourself”

Love yourself enough to let go, what binds us to memories is not love, but fear, fear of loss, fear of being vulnerable, fear of falling again, fear of watching our hearts stop and our dreams waste away.. The only thing that can beat fear is courage. Plant a seed of strength and have the patience to water it. Love grows when you’re courageous enough to cast fear aside, when you’re brave enough to say through an exposed heart, I can love you without fear of losing myself, no matter what, my love does not entitle me to you. It is my gift that love I give to you, and this joy is my joy. If they leave, it does not nullify your gift. Love was given and though it cannot be returned, that love will become part of the person you bestowed it upon. LIFE is too short to wake up with regrets so love the people who treat you right forget about those who don’t. BELIEVE everything happens for a reason if you get a chance take if it changes your life let it go. Nobody said life would be easy they just promised it would most likely be WORTH IT. Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you already are. ”If you don’t love yourself, nobody will. Not only that, you won’t be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with self first.

”Being Faithful”

Cheating is easy. Try something more challenging… Like being faithful. Stay faithful if you’re hurting stay hopeful pray and give thanks God for the opportunity to grow: ask Him top shed light, ask Him for clarity. Be faithful in any relationship! Faithfulness is the key to great inner peace, joy, happiness and sweetness in Life. When on is faithful, the relationship becomes cold, bitter and painful…Love and commit. Don’t hit and quit. Relationships are not about AGE, Not about DISTANCE, Not about Communicating Every moment of Everyday. What’s more Important is Having LOYALTY…The TRUST of WOMAN to her Man and the LOYALTY of a Man to his WOMAN. It’s pretty obvious that faithfulness has to go both ways for human relationships to work well. But with God we often act like we want Him to be faithful to us without us being faithful in return, We want a relationship with Him without the hard work. But we can’t have it. If you want to faithful to someone, first start by being faithful to yourself.

Being Faithful is not a Job it’s a Commitment….

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