Things that are borrowed a sum of Money that are designed to be paid back with interest Do you ever think why people of origin want to come to our country like for instance Chinese, Vietnamese ,Japanese ,Mexican etc. They know that our Government is going to Loan them boat loads of Money because without question they get a good return on their money, Here are some of the business they are loaned money for Dry Cleaners, Restaurants , Hair Supply Stores, Lawn Care, Auto Detailing I’m not hating i do appreciate because they on time for also they close and work late they work hard and they play harder you never know how hard  because they are modest they are happy they always smile so who would loan these people money oh my bad i left out Building Houses they on top of their game doing this as well. We as human being are on Loan as well from God because when we come in this world we come with nothing and we leave we leave with nothing think about it he let’s us enjoy life but when it’s his time to enjoy us he calls us home to be with him who could be mad at that loan.images.jpg

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