Doing too Much

download.jpegSo Donald Trump is going to give 50,000 dollars so the Sheriff Department in Charleston S.C.  can move Dylann Rolf to another Jail because it was reported last week he got jumped while in the shower so Trump came up with this great ideal that Rolf should have better protection but if you ask me its the Devil siding with another Devil this murderer went into the house of the House of the Lord a predominantly Black Church where he was welcome with open arms pulled out a Gun and Killed 9 people after he fled to another State   where he was then captured when the officer apprehended him he asked could they take him to Burger King and they took him if that’s not Doing too Much you tell me. Protection why because where this Evil person is going he want need protection a truck load of water might help if you catch my drift, Once again this man is asking for votes but again to me another slap in the face he wants to protect a Devil man please its his money do what you do but you could donate that money to a worthy cause like those people in Louisiana they need it and they are not going to hell like Dylann Rolf but you want people to vote for you Black,White,Hispanics so on so forth please tell me why.

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