Kids are our Future

Unknown.jpegIt’s Troubling now that the world we live will not protect our future the  kid’s the system that’s in place to make sure that they are protected is flawed beyond comprehension. The recent case here in Gaston County N.C. is prime example of the fail system case in point DSS also the Sheriff Office not mention the local Police were aware of the trouble that this 3-year-old was in the child had went to the neighbor’s house just a couple of days prior to her getting murdered with not one black but 2 and they didn’t even call Police i think they should be locked up as well. 49 times they had been to this residence on numerous 911 calls but you saying to me these children weren’t in harms way because i think another child was in the house. Also if you know that you might fall asleep why not make sure the doors are properly secured so the kids can’t wonder off this has really bothered me from the time i saw it on the news and the Mother should be locked up as well why is she free her baby is gone you knew this man was an animal hell ain’t know telling how many times he had beaten you but you chose to leave child with him now she doesn’t get that one chance at life but you 2 due wow system stinks the Kids are our Future please let them live,,,,

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