North Carolina

This morning when i woke up to start my day i turned on the T.V. and started watching many of the News outlets and saw were the State of North Carolina & Mecklenburg County that the Republican Party was going to Suppress the Voting so what you are telling me is you want us to vote for but better still we are going to rig the system so we don’t have to vote are you kidding me right , that comes from Pat McCrory on down which we all know who he represents the same man who was for 15 years Mayor of our use to be great County who over those 15 years had nothing to show are a track record for what he had done nothing not to mention he worked 25 years at Duke Energy and knew that those water basin contaminated and let those people of Mt. Holly & Belmont use and drank that water for all those years and you can’t even get him to talk about it but you want people to vote for you man please. So last night Donald Trump goes to Milwaukee last night for what i don’t know what the hell for but the place he was at was 95% White to give a lecture and read of a bunch of statistics that if we look at the new are read the paper we could see our self this is the same man who said he could pick up a Gun and shot someone and his supporters would still vote for him but he want us to vote for him picture that “S” mind you he so dam tough we already know he’s a candy’A”that has secret service protection but scared to go to the hood but he wants our vote that mess last night should really shine that light idiot. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves for what they fought for us and what we are having to endure now people its your right to vote for whoever you chose but Dam all you have to do is check a man jacket nine times out ten its right there for you to see so again i ask why is he coming to Charlotte on Thursday to go to the Convention Center to put on a show for the worst Party ever why, Why not go to the enter city Beattie’s Ford Rd. were i grew up its affectionately called the Ford now lol and talk to us not down on us you going to need our vote to get in the highest office in the land. This hold voting thing is a mess this go round Hillary Clinton may not be a viable candidate her self but she does have political exposure she has been forth right on many occasion but still even Stevie Wonder could see this picture and he hasn’t been able to see in 60 years who is best choice right now, This B.S. make America great again whats is the sam hill wrong with it now there are jobs, gas an all time low under Obama administration thank you this campaign is not about us it’s about a man who supports the dam KKK and David Duke and himself, Ladies & Gentleman its about building his brand so vote for his “A” if you want to and all of us going to get a one way trip back to the holy land Black,White,Muslim ,Mexican etc. and when the boat set sail you know how when they push it from the dock to get it going guess who going to push it Double “D” Donald Dump.

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