” Praise & Worship”

Praise & Worship Is What We Do.

Praise & Worship is what we do we lift our hands in Praise because we want God to be closer to us, We all are blessed today because of the gift of life God has given us we sing his Praise and we Worship him for that. ”Only in the act of Praise & Worship can a person learn to believe in the Goodness and Greatness of God. Give God Worship so we might become partners in his highest Purposes, How do we know when God is at the center of your life? When God’s at the center you Worship. When he’s not you Worry. In Worship, God captures your heart; when He’s got it, the real works begins. ”Worship isn’t about the people. Worship isn’t even about the music. Worship is about giving God the honor and the Glory he deserves. Worship is about giving our lives again to God. Worship is not you coming to God to see What he’s going to do. Worship is God coming to you to see to see what yo are you are going to do. God inhabits your worship. There is know better act of Worship than giving God all of you, Praise is who we are when we want to be closer to God so what do we do we lift our hands in Prey, Praise will you can because there will become a day when we can’t. ”Praise & Worship thank You Lord” for always riding shotgun with us because without you none of what we do on a regular is not possible,

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