”Stop Gun Violence”

Highland Park

”By teaching educators and children to spot the warning signs, matching mental health needs with critically-needed services, and teaching and the children the dangers of Gun Violence and how they can protect themselves and their communities and taking on this public health epidemic that has taken such a horrific toll on our families and communities.” Easy access to firearms weather legal or illegal is one of the main reasons for Gun Violence. In todays world 40% of Gun Sales do not go through a background check as they as they take place online. 7 Million Children today live unlocked or unloaded Guns. 1 out of 3 homes with kids as a family member have Guns. Schools should be sanctuaries for safety for our children, not where they go to die., I remember back in the day when the only thing a kid was afraid of at school was a pop quiz not it’s worrying about is maybe loosing there life this is sad. ”Arming teachers is not a solution It’s a Distraction. We need fewer Guns in our Schools & Communities, Not More. The solutions must include adopting common sense Gun Laws to reduce access to weapons and Strong investments Social Emotional Learning and Behavioral Health Resources within all Schools. Arm us with adequate staffing for Schools Phycologists, Counselors, and Nurses. We must do better to protect our Children & our Communities because #WeAllWeGot.

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