”Greatest Woman Of All Time”

Greatest Woman Of All Time consist of the following you must put God first, put family, Children, Kid’s, Grandkid’s, in whatever order you see fit. You must have Faith show compassion for other’s be resilant never waver or rest on your laurels never give up because quitting is never a option. Love others be the leader you were bless to be because why you are the chosen one hold others accountable for things they do weather good or bad right are wrong. They consistently visualize success they practice what they preach alone with making being on time a priority, You are always #1 and you should never be second to anything are anybody and never be a last resort or a back up plan, Don’t ever look for a man to save you save yourself it’s always winning time with G.W.O.A.T aka Greatest Woman Of All Time. Heart & Character goes a long way when we are talking greatness because this is not something that just happens its a skill set, I’m sure I left a thing are 2 out but trust me she’s a G.W.O.A.T for a thousand reasons and if you know of a Woman that have these qualities please tell her she’s a ”Queen” not to mention a ”G.W..O.A.T.”

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