Having or showing a modest or low estimate of ones’s own importance, Alway’s stay humble and never think you are better than some one else because it’s alway’s easy come easy go the same way you got it the same way you could lose it and loosen it is aways harder than they way you went about getting it. Being Humble means recognizing that we are not in this world to see how important we can become but to see how much difference we make in other peoples lives, I’ll never forget where I come from and the struggles I have been face because the people you see going up if you ever fall you will diffently see coming down so stay humble to who you are alway’s put God first because he has a hand in things that go on in your life. No matter how Big your House is, or how Big your Car is are how Big your Bank Account is. The grave is still going to be the same size, So always treat people like you want to be treated we are all judge the same way in God’s eyes and because you might have all the stuff someone else can only dream of you are no better remember stay humble. We are afforded luxuries & the material things in our possession because God alway’s has his hand’s in on the things we do like shopping, taken vacations, all the nice jewelry, even maybe our own business etc because of his grace. Work hard and alway’s Stay Humble because it doesn’t take but a second and it could be gone, no one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is are how big they are, We all have one common goal after it’s all said and done we want to get to those heavenly gates so stay ”Humble” be true to who you are and not somebody you might be pretending to be.

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