”Being Faithful”

Cheating is easy. Try something more challenging… Like being faithful. Stay faithful if you’re hurting stay hopeful pray and give thanks God for the opportunity to grow: ask Him top shed light, ask Him for clarity. Be faithful in any relationship! Faithfulness is the key to great inner peace, joy, happiness and sweetness in Life. When on is faithful, the relationship becomes cold, bitter and painful…Love and commit. Don’t hit and quit. Relationships are not about AGE, Not about DISTANCE, Not about Communicating Every moment of Everyday. What’s more Important is Having LOYALTY…The TRUST of WOMAN to her Man and the LOYALTY of a Man to his WOMAN. It’s pretty obvious that faithfulness has to go both ways for human relationships to work well. But with God we often act like we want Him to be faithful to us without us being faithful in return, We want a relationship with Him without the hard work. But we can’t have it. If you want to faithful to someone, first start by being faithful to yourself.

Being Faithful is not a Job it’s a Commitment….

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