”Side by Side”

Today, I just wanted to do general inspiring out. I don’t want to sound so basic and unoriginal, but it is so true when people say they’re with you and I am, too. My inbox is always open if you just want to talk, ask me something, anything. I titled this”Side by Side” because there are so many people that stand with you. By your side. You have so many people that can relate to you and the things you go through. There are so many people that will listen to you pour your heart out and just allow you to inflict your feelings upon them. And say this because a lot of times, people that feel alone just want someone to talk and let them know how they feel. Sometimes, you don’t always need advice, but you need to empty your heart of all the heaviness upon it. With all these people on your side and supporting you, you have built a wall that can’t and won’t be broken. The love overcomes anything you’re going through . What you are dealing with won’t break this wall of love. I can guarantee you that. It may hurt you, but it will NEVER break you. I know, it can be hard. It can be so hard to keep up standing, keep pursuing, and keep going. The wall could be so hard to keep up. But no one ever said everything will come easy. There are going to be times that are harder than others. But every hard time you have gone through, YOU WERE ABLE TO COME OUT ALIVE. You went through a time that had been the hardiest time of your life at the time, but you made through it. Your struggle didn’t overcome you, it didn’t define you, and you became victorious. So, if you can go through something you thought this one? You can. With just love, support, and positivity, nothing can stop you. And don’t just be images.jpg has people at their side. Help people build their walls. Love generates love. There is alway’s someone that is going to need you. Think of that, too. If you weren’t there, it would seriously affect so many people. You could be a part of their wall.


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