Experience or be subjected to something bad or unpleasant sometimes we tin to forget God is not in the suffering busy the Devil is God really want put much on us than we can bear if you think about it we all are on Loan from God that’s why he comes back for us, He the assume God with his Great self are selfish when it comes to us he grants us so many of the finer things in life-like  Wealth, Fame, Fortune so on and so forth and he let’s it been known threw him and him only anything is possible. When God made man he didn’t intend for us to ever have to Suffer but as we age and those body parts begin to break down that’s out of his control so instead of you having have to Suffer he calls for you to rest that weary body who could argue with that”No Pain No more Suffering” with him and his Angels everybody has a beginning and everybody has an End.

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