Dear Mama


images.jpegDear Mama thank you for bringing me into this world nurturing me and taking care of me like the assume Mother you were always there for me when i needed this and needed that not one time question how you were going to do it but always in a timely fashion, Thank you Mother for providing all the moral support when i became a young man and was able to no right from wrong and made it a priority for me to attend church and read the bible and know who God was. Dear Mama you are no longer here but your presence is ever lasting i think about you each and every day it’s been 10 years now but it seems like yesterday i know you are in heaven watching, smiling, and bragging about me telling all the family members including Daddy my baby got it right she use to alway’s tell me i don’t care how old you get you will alway’s be my baby. Dear Mama no more pain no more suffering you are in heaven being that Boss you were when you were here tell everybody i said hello and one day we will meet again on the other side until then Dear Mama “I Love You” until the end of time,,,,,

1 thought on “Dear Mama

  1. letter to my Mama thanks you for bringing me into this world and always supporting me see you again on the other side continue to Rest Easy love you your baby boy


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