HATE: is defined as “Feel intense or passionate dislike for(someone) i’m not a Politician never have never will but if you are running for the highest office in the Land for you to say you could shot somebody and you would still vote for me or Mock somebody that has a physical disability and that’s okay to me that’s HATE, I have a disability not by choice but for someone to shame somebody that does have one is shameful and disrespectful and people actually turned a blind eye to something this man really did it is appalling and now not by choice he’s having to double down as they say but lets not get this twisted if it comes out of your mouth are you act it out nine times out of million that’s you’re view.

NFL aka National Fools League

There is no (NFL) anymore it use to be called the National Football League not anymore its official the new name is The National Fools League just check the data of how many of these players get drug tested fail get suspended then get caught failing drug test again after serving their suspension that’s a Fool they don’t use the common sense approach nine times out of ten if you fail once you will be tested again Duh.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2013 it has been a struggle but with the proper diet and plenty of exercising not to mention taking your Meds your goals can be achieved, images-1.jpgI must admit i was terrified when i read some of the issues you face but i prayed about it put it in the Lords hand knowing full well i had to do my part now 3 years later I’m still here to blog about it i know this is half the battle but i’m here to God’s finish line.Some types for things you can do to manage Type 2 it works for me here are things to do
While we’ve been led to believe that fish is one of the healthiest food choices around (Omega 3 benefits that helps fight diabetes & the inflammation that causes it)….
What you probably didn’t know is that there are 4 specific types of fish — all very common — that you should literally NEVER eat due to incredibly high levels of contamination that can and WILL hammer the delicate cells of your body with toxic inflammation…
In the end, this toxic inflammation build up contributes to worsened diabetes, achy joints, premature aging of the skin (and less visible organs like the heart, kidneys, and liver), difficulty shedding excess body fat, cognitive decline, forgetfulness, feeling blue and moody, and so much more that you don’t ever want to experience…