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”A Fool and His Money Shall Soon Part”

Unknown.pngWhoever came up this saying truly was spot on in the case of Chris Brown I’m not hating just speaking facts and i think this young many is a talented individual who can really perform, great artist and write assume music but he’s out of control with his wealth and sooner are later this dude an accident waiting to happen and if somebody even in the industry don’t reach out to this Man he is going to crash and burn, Always remember you are only big as the support system that’s around you regardless of your wealth ”A Fool and His Money Shall Soon Part” people around him he’s screaming for help,,,,

”Child Neglect”

Kid’s don’t ask to come in this world so why do they have to be neglected just doesn’t make sense because they are so innocent full of life and so much joy its unreal so when I turn on the news and here theses stories of grown people  leaving theses kid’s in hot cars they isn’t an excuse that you could come up with to convince me you forgot and left the kid’s in a hot car you know you got out what ever happen to making sure they are with you they left were ever with you, this is shameful and whomever does this  should be punished to the full extinct of the law,,,,


images.jpegOppression the prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control is probably going to cost this man his job he’s only standing up for his civil rights to him it has nothing to do with Flag are the man and woman who fight for our country he just bring attention to the racial unjust that’s going on in the country today so because of that and his willingness not to keep a blind eye to things happening. He doesn’t have to stand for the National Anthem it’s not a law but Colin Kaepernick stand up for what you believe the only thing I would have done different I would have gotten some of the other players that have your same belief instead of by yourself so the stance wouldn’t just cost you your job alone but make them twice about firing a group rather than you alone.

”The Rooney Rules”

The N.F.L Policy that requires league team’s to interview minority candidates for Head Coaching and Senior Football Operation Jobs. It is sometimes cited as ab example of an affirmative action, though there is no quota or preference given to minorities in the hiring of candidates. This legend is turning over in his grave because this rule is a joke and a slap in the minority face because it’s just a process that’s truly not followed in the case of the San Francisco 49’ers General Manger Trent Baalke a best friend of current coach  Chip Kelly whom he hired right after Kelly had just had gotten fired from the Eagles which he deserved i guess you would call that the Buddy System didn’t even interview any minority qualified coaches with a better coaching resume but Chip Kelly was hired 2 weeks after getting let go. So much for this Rule its and indictment on people of color you ask me so why is this even this a rule when it’s not used, 7 NFL jobs came open after 2015-2016 season and only 1 African-American got a job and that was Hugh Jackson he got the Browns position  and the only other one with some head coaching experience was Mike Mularky of the Titans. The 49’ers Organization ought to be ashamed of themselves and if they only win a hand full of games so be it and to Chip Kelly that Collage mess you got going doesn’t work in the N.F.L partner you are dealing with grown man some of the times might be older than you this is next level if you don’t you better ask somebody,,,

”Protect & Serve”

We are here to preserve Life, Liberty, Justice, and Order. To Save, Serve and Protect the People. And we will continue to do so selflessly, even if it means laying down our own lives so another may live. We fight for those who can not…or will not…fight themselves. We stand each watch humbly in Honor of those who gave their all before us. We must unite beside one another fearlessly and with no hesitation nor reservation, with Integrity, Courage, and Valor… for it is our actions that the People will remember… and call us Brave.

Mine you these guy’s have tough job and we as people can help make it better if we just comply because not all of them have bad intention they really want to help, For the money they make just doesn’t coexist with some of the situations they are confronted with and what might behind door #1 per say but you have to obey their order whether you want to are not they took an oath to ”Protect & Serve” its not about if you are right are wrong just comply and a lot of theses senseless killing might not happen be mindful don’t put the Police in a position to inflict harm upon you.It’s like a Dice game you roll the dice and hope and pray some kind of way the #7 comes up same thing with police because you just never know if that particular might be the one that might have bad intentions stay safe also be mindful they have the upper hand remember ”Protect & Serve”Protectimages.jpeg

Mom, How I Miss You

Mom, how I miss your touch i love you so very much The secrets that we share, Knowing you’ve “been there” The bond between us and our trust. So Mom, I just wanted thank you for all we shared you are resting now but our love lives on even though you are many miles away you are still here in spirit. Mom, you know you’re my best friend You will be that until the end I’ll see you again on the other side and when i do i will shower you with plenty of hugs and kisses Mom, how I miss you we get only get one Mother in life.